Our philosophy

Dear friends.

We all require somebodys nearness and warmth, our pets offer us that among others. Our team members would like to become close with our patients and thus we appreciate a lot if You feel Yourself welcome, among friends and in a family way in our clinic. Your vet can also be a friend and close trustee with whom You can share Your concerns. Your vet is also a family physician as Your own, cause pets form an important part of the family. Our top priorities are personal touch and excellent customer service. We consider elementary courtesy, careing and understanding attitude to be as imoprtant as medical knowlegde at a high level. Diligence and belief in difficult situations, not giving up if there is only a little hope. It is inherent in human nature, that people tend to search for hope from where it doesn’t exist, but we are ready to go all the way and provide all that is within our power. We suffer from our failures hard. In emergency and critical care practice we cannot save and cure every animal and we have to accept that. We hope that even if Your pet dies, You’ll have a feeling in Your heart that we tried our best and You will come to us with Your other or new pets again. Not only if there is an emergency, but also for regular check up, vaccinations, deworming or simply to caress. The development of the clinic and vets is an endless ongoing process. We are most critical against ourselves and thus we spend a lot of funds an time on continuing education, self-perfection and equipment. To become from a good vet to a great vet is a long journey. Medicine, especially emergency and critical care is not cheap. In addition to all the equipment, it is physically and mentally extremely demanding for the vet to tolerate the kind of pressure 24 hours a day. In Estonia, all the vetclinics are self-supporting individual business units and get no financial or other support from outside. We strongly suggest to use pet insurance however. It helps You to cover unexpected costs for medical attention and gives You more freedom to use wide range of services from good vets. It is always easier to avoid an accident than to treat one! Every pet owner should try their best to prevent it from happening. Walk only on leash to avoid cars and misunderstandings with other dogs. Keep Your windows and doors closed and locked properly. Repair all the holes in the fence. Hide all the home chemistry and other things like toys which they might swallow etc. etc. etc.

We can’t say that customer is “The King”. Our customer is actually “The God” who determines whether we excist or not! It is in our own hands how good we worship our “God” and thus what kind of destiny we deserve.

On behalf of Small Animal Emergency Clinic,
Valdeko Paavel, DVM